Salazar’s Two Sisters Nursery began operations in 1991. We started with just 9 acres and today we have over 95 acres of Palms and Trees. Salazar’s Two Sisters Nursery was founded by Martin Salazar. Today, the whole family works in the business. Martin is still found in the fields of Homestead everyday of the week. His two daughters Mercedes and Frances as well as his wife Mirta all work in the business. Mirta and Frances run the office and Mercedes is in the field with Martin.

Salazar’s Two Sisters Nursery is the product of the hard work and dedication put in by its founder Martin Salazar. He has worked his land from planting seeds and waiting for the trees to grow. Each one of them is a product for patience and dedication. All of them being as seedling and slowing develop into mature palms or trees. Salazar’s Two Sisters Nursery has all its trees grown in Marl. This is the best type of soil available giving the trees the most vitamins they need to grow to their dark green color. Each one is hand fertilized every three months with only top quality fertilizers. They are all hand dug and pulled. Palms and trees are loaded by specification of requested size and plant species on the guarantee pick up date.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality palms and trees.

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